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Volunteers Needed

We would like to have volunteers for some upcoming WEEKLY sled hockey practices.
There are two things we need help with:

1. We would like to have at least 3 people on the ice with skates, helmets and sticks to help our coach. That way we can have drills going on different parts of the ice. If you have a USA Hockey registration number, please bring that along as well. If you don’t have one, we can get you one (at no cost) right before you get on the ice.

2. We would also like 4 people per practice to help with transferring players to and from the sleds to the wheelchairs. We have a handful of players who need assistance with this. Please only volunteer if you are physically capable of lifting approximately 50 pounds. We hope to have a custom made transfer bench and ramp to the ice soon, but until then we are using muscle.

You may sign up for one of the practices at the following.

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